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About Us
The School was founded in September 2002 with the Mission to be “dedicated to learning as it is the foundation for life”. It has successfully built up a reputation for excellent academic achievement, delivering both the standard National Curriculum as well as aspects of Islamic education. Al-Burhan was graded “Outstanding” by Ofsted for the second time in November 2014.
Academically outstanding…
We try to inspire a love of learning in our girls and a desire to succeed and constantly better themselves academically. This is in-keeping with the Islamic concept of Ihsan: that when one completes a task, one should complete it excellently. Indeed, Ofsted noted that pupils’ “perseverance, resilience and attitude to learning were exemplary” and described our girls as “self-disciplined” and “work ethic mature”.
The School was recently ranked as one of the top 100 schools in the country in the January 2015 League tables. The November 2014 Ofsted lead inspector, Jacqueline Wordsworth, noted that students “make exceptional progress and attain high standards in all subjects” and that the proportion of students gaining five of more A*-C grades at GCSE was consistently very high compared to the national average. Indeed, in June 2014, our girls achieved 47% grades A*-A.
At the heart of the school are the Leaders and staff. All work together effectively and dedicatedly for the sole purpose of ensuring the success of our girls. Inspectors praised the hard-work and dedication of the staff to educating pupils.
Teaching is consistently outstanding and girls’ progress is carefully followed by a robust monitoring system which ensures that each girl’s potential is realised; the success of this system was noted by Ofsted who said that students “make rapid progress in relation to their starting points”.
Personal growth and development….
But our girls are not only students of knowledge. They are future members of our society, and will one day take their place in the wider community. We believe that a good and upstanding society is created by good and upstanding individuals. An emphasis on personal responsibility and self-reflection enables girls to develop self-discipline and a sense of justice, fairness and equality. Girls mature into responsible adults, all the while carefully guided by our excellent staff, with the example of the Prophet (S)’s perfect character as the guiding light.
The School curriculum was highly praised by Ofsted as successfully supporting students’ spiritual, moral, social, cultural and personal development. They stated that the School “prepares students well for life in modern Britain” and the citizenship programme “successfully instils the values underlying modern British society”.
A warm supportive and caring family atmosphere exists within school, so pupils feel comfortable with each other and around teachers. Leaders “supports a hardworking and harmonious community” within school. But there is also a great emphasis on good and righteous character; we believe in a firm but fair approach and helping students learn from their mistakes. Ofsted again noted this and said that “leaders very effectively encourage an ethos of exceptional behaviour”.


We feel the best way for you to witness this first-hand is to visit the school on a normal day. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with us and we look forward to meeting you. 


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