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Our Missions, Aims and Values
Our Mission
The mission of Al-Burhan Grammar School is to be “dedicated to learning as it is the foundation for life”.Our aims reflect this dedication to education and learning and our values enable this learning to take place.
Our predominant motive is to spread the true and beautiful message of Allah Most High in the manner that has been shown to us by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and our pious predecessors, Allah Most High willing. 
Our Aims
The School has grown rapidly since its founding, but we have never lost sight of our original aims and goals:
  • To provide education of a high quality in accordance with the National Curriculum in an Islamic environment.
  • To engage students in the best possible learning opportunities, within which they will experience a broad, balanced, coherent and relevant curriculum.
  • To teach Quran, Arabic, Urdu and Islamic Studies as a supplement.
  • To constantly encourage a sense of purpose, self-confidence, shared values, respect for others and a strong sense of community.
  • To enable students to fulfil their potential and to approach adulthood in a reflective and responsible manner.
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and social development and to extend the awareness of all students so that they will successfully integrate into British society.
We believe that the above can be summarised into the four main aims which guide our work:
  • To help our girls succeed in this life and the hereafter
  • To instil in them a love of learning which will carry them through life
  • To nourish the seed of Islam in their hearts
  • To nurture them to become active members of society and responsible members of the community
Our Values
  • Everyone is equal. Therefore, no one should be treated differently.
  • Everyone as a right to be respected and treated with care and courtesy. Therefore, everyone also has the responsibility to treat others with respect.
  • Although everyone is equal, we are also individuals with individual beliefs and attitudes. We have the right to hold these beliefs and attitudes as long as these attitudes do not harm or endanger others in any way and do not spread hatred or anger. Tolerance is key and intolerance should not be tolerated.
  • Everyone has a right to live in a society where they are treated justly and fairly, spoken to politely, helped when they need help, and have the freedom to choose what to do as long as it does not cause harm or endanger others, or spread hatred. Therefore everyone has the responsibility to contribute to such a society. 


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