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Admission Procedure
1)  Complete the admission form.
2)  Return the completed form along with the following documents:
  • One passport size photograph with the name and date of birth at the back;
  • A copy of birth certificate or the identification pages of the passport (if birth certificate is not available);
  • Latest school report;
  • Latest SATs results (if applicable);
  • Non-refundable administration fee of £30.00. Cheques must be made payable to “Al-Burhan Grammar School”. Cash payment can be made in person.
3)  Once all documents are received, your daughter will be given the date for an independent assessment test.
4)  You will be informed about the outcome of the assessment within two weeks. You will be then invited to discuss her results before the final decision is made.
5)  Once your daughter is offered a place, following dues must be paid by the date stated on the offer letter:
  • Admission fees & deposit;  
  • Tuition fees (at least for one term).
6)  If no communication is received from the parents by the due date, the School has the right to withdraw the offer assuming that you do not wish to proceed.
Admission Form
Click on the link below to download a copy of the admission form:


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