“Leaders are committed to providing pupils with a curriculum that gives them rich and broad learning experiences. The curriculum is shaped around pupils’ needs to enable them to reach their full academic potential.”

Ofsted, March 2018

When girls enter Al-Burhan Grammar School at the age of 11 they follow a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to provide a firm foundation for academic success and to develop their intellectual and personal skills. We support each student’s learning needs, providing extra help where necessary. 

Key Stage 3

Our subjects build on the foundation provided by the work completed in the primary schools.

In the first two to three years each student will follow a range of subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Computing, Art, Religious Studies, Living Islam, Physical Education, PSHE, Foreign Languages (Urdu and Arabic) and Quranic Studies.

Key Stage 4

Girls study a mix of compulsory and optional subjects. GCSE studies begin in Year 9 for most subjects; in some subjects, this will be at the beginning of the year and in others it will be during the year. For optional subjects, GCSE studies begin in Year 10.

All girls study Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Religious Studies, either combined Science or the three separate sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and a language.

All girls choose one Foreign Language from Arabic and Urdu, and one subject from Art and Computer Science. Pupils who sit the Maths GCSE Exam at the end of Year 10 have the option to do GCSE Statistics in Year 11.

Non-examination courses in Physical Education, PSHE, Living Islam and Quranic Studies are followed by all.